The list of approved Gatekeepers is currently under review. It is intended to serve as a guidline for building contacts and should not be considered a definitive list.  This list will be updated as new information is received. 
Building Department/Floor Contact Name
427 Scotland Street ITPIR Michael Tierney
ITPIR Jason Pulley
ITPIR Aneta Leska
ITPIR Sasha Maliniak
ITPIR Marisa LaForge
Bell Hall Human Resources Judith Schatzel
Human Resources Julie Hunt
Human Resources Rita Metcalfe
Human Resources Charles Owens
Human Resources Lynn Riggs
Blow Web/Switchrm Scott Fenstermacher
Web/Switchrm Will Hodges
All Shannon Turnage
Campus Center All Rich Thompson
All Rich Thompson
Discovery I Development Josh Frederick
Advancement Rebecca Parsons
Development Linda Melochick
Discovery II Development Nancy Buchanan
University Relations Brian Whitson
Ewell Music Olivia Sorensen
ISC Confocal Robert C. Barnet
Confocal Christopher Del Negro
Confocal Eric Bradley
ISC Vivarium Robert C. Barnet
Vivarium Christopher Del Negro
Vivarium Eric Bradley
ISC Chemistry Chris Abelt
Chemistry Claudia Smith
Keck Lab Enviro Field Lab Randy Chambers
Residence Halls All Chris Durden
Sadler Center All Rich Thompson
All Casey VanVeen
School of Ed School of Ed Liz Kiewiet
NHFCC Liz Kiewiet