Safety Data Sheets

The updated requirement for (M)SDS: 

In 2013, OSHA required Material Safety Data Sheets comply with the Globally Harmonized System for Chemical Information and Labeling (also known as "GHS"). Many laboratory chemical vendors have already made this transition to this system, which improves the consistency and understandability of the information on the MSDS. Note also that under the GHS, the official term for MSDS becomes "Safety Data Sheet."
Safety Data Sheets are the primary source of chemical hazard information about specific chemicals, and are important elements of W&M's effort to comply with the OSHA Laboratory Standard and the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. 
Supervisors, including Principal Investigators, are responsible for ensuring their employees have access to Safety Data Sheets for all hazardous chemicals used in the workplace or laboratory.  This information must be accessible for employees during all shifts, including laboratory personnel. Access to a SDS can mean access to be achieved through paper copies or via Internet access through the college's SDS link below.  In case of accident involving a chemical, having a SDS for the emergency personnel and the attending physician will help assure proper treatment can be administered as quickly as possible.


The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) electronic library provides site-wide access to:

  • SDSs on all chemicals used at the College of W&M
  • Chemical inventories for all College of W&M buildings

For more information about  Safety Data Sheets and how to use the online library, refer to the guidelines on Accessing  Safety Data Sheets Online.

All SDS images are provided in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.

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