The EH&S Office is responsbile for the recycling of several streams at the College.  They include the following:

  • Batteries
  • Lightbulbs
  • Oil


Alkaline batteries are collected at numerous locations on campus.  Some areas that contain alkaline recycling bins include Swem Library, Small Hall, and Facilities Managment to name a few.  Lead Acid batteries are collected in a central storage location.  Contact the EH&S office if you have questions regarding the locations for recycling your used batteries.


The College utilizes a significant amount of flourescent bulbs across campus.  These bulbs are recycled by crushing the drums through the use of a specialized device.  If you have lightbulbs that are in need of being recycled, contact the EH&S office. 


Oil is utilized for many different applications on campus from lawnmowers to research apparatus.  We recycle used oil through a company that reclaims and reuses the material.  If you have used oil that needs to be disposed of, contact the EH&S office.

Fiscal Year 2014 Data:

Oil:  100 gallons

Hazardous Waste:  11,229 pounds

Batteries:  690 pounds of lead acid and 452 pounds of alkaline

Crushed Lightbulbs:  4,988 pounds

Compact Lightbulbs:  1,460 pounds

HID Lightbulbs:  338 pounds

Non-PCB Ballast:  2,995 pounds

PCB Ballast:  452 pounds