Fire Safety

At William and Mary, fire safety is practiced to reduce the destruction caused by fire. Fire safety measures include those that are intended to prevent ignition of an uncontrolled fire, and those that are used to limit the development and effects of a fire after it starts. Fire safety measures are implemented during the construction of a building and in existing buildings both occupied and unoccupied. 

Fire safety is a key component of building safety. A fire safety hazard may include a situation that increases the likelihood of a fire or may impede escape in the event a fire occurs. The Fire Safety Officer inspects buildings for deviations of the fire code, educates students, building residents, faculty and staff on fire safety topics.  The Fire Safety Officer also trains newcomers to the campus and conducts reoccurring training for those individuals working in higher hazard areas.

For more information about William & Mary's fire safety practices, please refer to our Fire and Life Safety Program (doc).

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The Fire Safety Officer contact information is:

Office: 757-221-1745

The Environment, Health, and Safety Office is located at:

208 South Boundary Street

Williamsburg, VA 23185