Fireworks Permit

Approval for the display of fireworks on state property, including The College of William and Mary, must be obtained from the Virginia State Fire Marshal's Office (VSMFO).  A link to the application form for outdoor displays, Aerial Firework Displays (Form 1123), or for indoor displays, Close Proximity Fireworks (Form 1126), is provided at the bottom of this page under "Forms."  Application fees are $100 for outdoor displays and $200 for indoor.  The Fire Safety Officer in the Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) Department is the College's liaison with the VSFMO and will coordinate the approval process between the sponsors of such events and the VSFMO.  It is important to note: the VSFMO is not obligated to issue their approval if they do not receive all the necessary information 15 days prior to the requested display date.  In addition, the VSFMO approval may stipulate certain conditions and approval for a specific date and time that is not transferable to any other date, time, or activity.  Please assemble the following information and forward it to The College's Fire Safety Officer no later than 30 days prior to the activity, so that the application can be reviewed and then submitted for approval to the VSFMO 15 days prior to the event.  The pyrotechnician or contractor can supply much of this information. 

1. Confirmation that the provisions in the following will be strictly adhered to:

  • Virginia International Fire Code, Chapter 33, 2003 ed.

  • NPFA 1123, 2000 ed. "Code for Fireworks Display"

  • NPFA 1124, 2000 ed., "Code for the Manufacture, Transportation, Storage,and Retail Sales of Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Articles".

2.  A statement and/or copies demonstrating competence on the part of the pyrotechnician(s) - experience, training, certifications, licensure, etc. 

3.  A detailed description of the fireworks to be displayed. 

4.  A copy of an approved application for the use of the outdoor space - usually through Student Activities, Campus Center (221-3300). 

5.  A representative drawing of the entire area of display, with safe zones, location, and layout of the shells. 

6.  A plan for recovery and disposal of any unexploded shells and refuse. 

7.  An insurance bond for the payment of potential damage, caused either to the person or property due to the permitted display and arising from acts of the permit holder or the agent of the permit holder. A Certificate of Insurance issued by the fireworks display contractor, naming the State of Virginia , The College of William and Mary, and the sponsoring group as additionally insured. 

8.  Confirmation that the Virginia State Fire Marshal's Office (VSFMO) (757-455-3820), Williamsburg Fire Department (WFD)(220-6220), William & Mary Police (221-4596), Williamsburg Police (220-2332), and The College's Fire Safety Officer (221-1745) have been notified of the event's scope, date, and time.  A time will also be confirmed with VSFMO, WFD, W&M Police, Williamsburg Police, and The College's Fire Safety Officer for a safety demonstration at least 2 hours prior to the fireworks display.

9.  Confirmation will be made that safety precautions for the launching area, crowd control, pedestrian and vehicle traffic and parking areas have been established.  The setup and fallout areas must all be within a secured, marked area.  This means the area will have caution tape around the entire perimeter.  Fireworks contractor must supply the tape. 

10.  Be sure to provide sponsor information that includes a contact name, address, phone, and email address. Assemble and forward documents/information - as a package - to The College Fire Safety Officer, located at 208 South Boundary Street.  The Fire Safety Officer will review the documents for completeness and then forward the package to the VSFMO.  The VSFMO will in turn provide notice back to the Fire Safety Officer on the permit approval, if granted, and conditions of the permit.  If you have any questions or need assistance completing the application, please contact the Fire Safety Officer at 221-1745.


Display of Fireworks Permit and Checklist (doc)

Aerial Fireworks Display, VA Form 1123 (pdf)

Close Proximity Fireworks, VA Form 1126 (pdf)