William and Mary has conducted a New Year’s fireworks show for the past two decades at various locations on the campus.  From 2008 to 2011, the shows were conducted from Yates Field across from the William and Mary Field House.  In 2012, that location was closed due to construction and was no longer available.  The College moved the shooting location to the parking lot adjoining the Field House, but because of problems with fireworks debris, noise, and potential for fire damage to houses in close proximity of the field it was decided to move the location to the college’s football practice field.

For firework displays conducted on state-owned property or within state-owned buildings, permits are to be obtained through the State Fire Marshal’s Office. Other than for what occurs on state-owned property or within a state-owned building, the State Fire Marshal’s Office does not issue firework display permits for displays within any city, county or town.

Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Office Fire Works Application can be found at:

Restrictions concerning use of the college property are as follows but not limited to:

  •  Plywood is placed under all fireworks during set-up to prevent any damage to turf.                        
  • No shells bigger than 3” inches will be used at the show.                              
  • All Debris cleared by close of business the following day.             
  • Fireworks crew must arrive no later than 1pm the day of the shoot.  In the case of an unavoidable delay, the company must notify the college Fire Safety Officer as soon as possible.
  • The only vehicles allowed on the launch site will be provided by William and Mary sponsoring department.
  • Buildings immediately adjoining the launch site will have the windows secured to prevent breakage.

If there is excessive fireworks debris on buildings, must be removed.  Any expenses required for the clean-up will be the responsibility of the requesting department.