CPR/AED/First Aid

CPR/AED/First Aid Accredited Training Center

The EH&S Office is an accredited ASHI (American Safety and Health Institute) training center for CPR, AED, and Basic First Aid.  Certified instructors from our office can teach these courses to your departments and organizations on campus. 

Do you need training?

We offer a course a month and publish the course date/times in the WM Digest.  The courses are limited to 10 students per instructor.   

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program

Heart disease is a significant health problem that, according to the American Heart Association, affects nearly 8 percent of all Americans and results in nearly 350,000 deaths each year. While several electrical abnormalities can result in sudden cardiac arrest, the majority begin with ventricular fibrillation. Rapid treatment of ventricular fibrillation, through the application of a controlled electrical shock, is essential to the victim’s survival.

AEDs are portable defibrillators that deliver an electrical shock in effort to revive a person that has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. These devices are rapidly gaining recognition as a lifesaving tool because they are easy to use and will deliver an electrical shock only if it is appropriate. You have probably seen them in airports, health clubs, hotels, or other public places - including around Campus! Federal laws have been established that provide "Good Samaritan" protections for anyone who uses an AED to try to revive a person in cardiac arrest. They do not replace cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in emergency situations, but delivering an electrical shock to a person in cardiac arrest quickly is the most important part of the CPR process. Nor do they replace appropriate training for any type of emergency response.

The EH&S Department acts as the program administrator for William and Mary’s Automatic External Defibrillator Program and is responsible for:

  • Overseeing the installation of AEDs at selected locations throughout the campus.
  • Serves as the point of contact for Site Coordinators and Authorized Users.
  • Assists building coordinators with inspections of the units and associated equipment on a monthly basis

AED Documents

  • The Colleges AED plan (pdf)                                                     
  • Campus AED locations (docx)           

Interested in becoming a instructor? 

The process involves 7 hours of training and a written exam.  Contact the EH&S office for further information.   

This short video  demonstrates CPR and the use of the Philips Heartstart AED. 

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of medical oversight is there for William and Mary’s AED Program?

The AED Program has a Medical Director who is responsible for the review and approval of the training program as well as the protocols of AED use and the certification process. The Medical Director reviews every event in which an AED is used and is available to conduct post-incident sessions for College employees involved in AED use. AED units at William and Mary are used under the direction of Virginia Wells, MD.

Who coordinates the AED Program?

The EH&S office staff coordinates the AED program on campus.  They serve as the point of contact for William and Mary and are available in person, by phone or e-mail to answer any questions from individuals interested in the program.

What training is required before I can use an AED?

There are two options for training regard the use of an AED.  The first is a general knowledge training that takes about 30 – 45 minutes.  This training does not provide a certification; instead it is just familiarization training for the AED.  The second and best option to utilize an AED to the full extent is to complete the certification for CPR/AED.  This training takes approximately 4 hours and provides a 2 year certification on CPR/AED. 

How can I be trained in the use of an AED?

William and Mary faculty and staff interested in being trained in the use of an AED should contact the EH&S office at 1-2146 or 1-2288.  

How can I get an AED in my building?

If you are interested in having an AED unit installed in your building submit a FM service request to EH&S for an AED purchase and assistance with site placement.  The work request must include a banner index number for the purchase, as each department is responsible for the purchase, maintenance and training costs associated with the AED unit.

How much does an AED unit cost?

The list price for an AED unit is approximately $1500. This includes the fast response kit, cabinet and signage for the unit.

Are there any on-going costs to support the AED once I purchase one?

There are two types of on-going costs to support your AED unit. The batteries must be replaced approximately every 4 years, and the pads for the AED unit have a 2 year shelf life. Also, if the AED unit is used you will need to replace the unit’s battery and pads before it can be put back into service.