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 BLOOMIN' BUCKS is offering and easy and fun way for all of us to help support the College of William and Mary!

In today's economy, more people are staying put. They are caring for their home and family. But they are

also being asked for their support more often than ever! WE'RE NOT ASKING YOU FOR MONEY! We're

just asking you to do what you would normally do...beautify your home's landscape! Landscaping is one

of the most cost effective ways to improve the value of your home! For generations, the bulbs from Brent

and Becky's Bulbs have been of the highest quality and have been adding color to landscapes all over the

country. Adding colorful blooms from Brent and Becky's Bulbs to your landscape helps us!


Just go to www.bloominbucks.com and choose to support our organization. You will then be taken to the

website of Brent and Becky's Bulbs where you can select from their huge selection of bulbs, plants,

perennials, supplements, books, tools, home accessories...anything you want or need! In any quantity you

need! In any color you want! And a percentage of your sale comes back to support us! It's so easy!

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Should you have a questions please call [[blowen,Ben Owen]] at 757-221-2490.