William and Mary


Project Management Office Contacts

Wayne Boy - Director

(757) 221-2263

Storm Water Master Plan

Senior Project Manager (Vacant)



Mark Ballman (757) 221-2360 Power Plant, Heating and Cooling III, IV, V, High Temp Hot Water Control, Boiler Plant

Verasak Singhaseni

(757) 221-2148

Emergency Generators, Annual Permits, Tent and Storage Permits

Gilbert Stewart

(757) 221-1213

Sororities, Fraternities, Graduate House Renovations, Roofing Projects

Randy Strictland

(757) 221-1584

Integrated Science Center Construction, Bell Hall Renovation

 Catherine Parker

(757) 221- 2286 

 Dining Services

Construction Managers Contacts

Ron Russell

(757) 221-7740

Heating and Cooling Projects, Intergrated Science Project

Administrative Contacts

Carla Franson

Jamee Kuehner

Pauline Richardason

(757) 221-1471

(757) 221-2245

(757) 221-1214

Contract Documents Manager

Assistant Contract Documents

Finance Manager


(757) 221-2473