What is FAMIS?

FAMIS (Facilities Administration Management Information System) is a system that automates the flow of work order requests.  From the initial service request, to work orders and project management, to invoicing and billing, to audits and status reports, FAMIS ensures continuous accurate control of all costs associated with the maintenance and operation of the facilities portfolio and all assets contained within.   FAMIS was recently acquired by Accruent, well known for their comprehensive enterprise solutions. 

  • Service Requests - manages requests for maintenance.
  • Work Order - manages all scheduled work until its final completion.
  • Equipment - manages all information for both maintained and non-maintained equpment.  This module is shared by the Space Management module.
  • Preventive Maintenance - defines the PM requirements for similar equipment.
  • Project Management - manages all requirements of very large projects.

The college is currently running FAMIS 8i on a Solaris Operating system, and Oracle 11g R2  database.  We are currently in the process of upgrading FAMIS 8iR2.

Need Help?

  • For system related issues or questions, contact [[armani, Alice Manis]] by email or call at 221-2287.