William and Mary

Administrative Staff

[[gtbanks,Banks, Gwendolyn]] Office Services Specialist 221-2265
[[rccol2,Coleman, Rossie]] Warehouse Assistant 221-2259
[[tbcong,Conger, Tracey]] Administrative Supervisor 221-2258
[[cdcree,Creel, Lou]] Accounting Supervisor 221-2264
[[eadewe,DeWees, Liz]] Procurement Specialist 221-2262
[[ldflem,Fleming, Lynette]] Fiscal Technician - Recovery  221-2260
[[rcgray,Gray, Ronnie]] Storekeeper Helper 221-2259
[[jcjaco,Jacobs, James]] Purchase & Stores Supervisor 221-3223
[[armani,Manis, Alice]] Administrative Admin Support 221-2287
[[borawl,Rawlings, Bobbi]] Systems Administrator 221-7835
[[ttsinclair,Sinclair, Tina]] Director of Business Services 221-1416
[[dawatt,Watts, Deb]] Fiscal Technician 221-2280