Hampton Roads Modeling and Simulation Cluster

modsimModeling and Simulation has emerged as a leading industry in Hampton Roads over the past five years. Energized by the presence of organizations such as the United States Joint Forces Command, Lockheed Martin's Center for Innovation, and others, the Modeling and Simulation industry has been a source for economic investment in the region. In addition to the financial investment made by the federal government and the private sector, the Commonwealth of Virginia committed roughly $12 million in the 06-08 biennial budget to promote and advance Modeling and Simulation related research and instruction in Virginia's institutions of higher learning.

William & Mary has made significant contributions through research and strategic alliances that contribute to the position of Hampton Roads as the location of choice for Modeling and Simulation. A scan of recent William & Mary research reveals that sixteen academic departments have faculty who have research interests and/or external funding for projects that can be classified as Modeling and Simulation. The primary areas of Modeling and Simulation emphasis at William & Mary are coastal wind-driven water levels (including waves), transportation equations for satisfactory homeostatis and/or re-optimization of seriously perturbed networks, and next generation virtual environments. Read the white paper (pdf).