Hampton Roads Technology Clusters

The Hampton Roads Technology Clusters, under the auspices of the Hampton Roads Research Partnership (HRRP), seeks to promote economic development in the Hampton Roads region by linking university and laboratory research with the private sector.  The project seeks to expand technology clusters in three areas - sensors, modeling and simulation, and bioscience.  Most of the HRRP partners participate in all three clusters, and one partner has the lead in coordinating activities across all of the members.  William and Mary participates in all three clusters, and has the lead for the sensors cluster.  The project has resulted in an expanded network of relationships among researchers and companies and numerous joint initiatives in research and contracting.

Learn more about William & Mary work underway to support the Hampton Roads Technology Clusters:

Hampton Roads Sensors Cluster
Hampton Roads Modeling and Simulation Cluster
Hampton Roads Bioscience Cluster

News, Updates, Reports and Presentations

Got it on eBay
HHMI’s Science Education Alliance (SEA) is a national initiative to enhance science education and to increase the number of scientists produced in the United States.

W&M plays large role in economic diversification report
William & Mary played a significant role in the Historic Triangle Collaborative’s Economic Diversity Task Force, which released a report of its recommendations in September 2010 after a year of research and discussion.

Sea-level Study Brings Good and Bad News to Hampton Roads
A new study of local sea-level trends by researchers at the College of William and Mary's Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) brings both good and bad news to localities concerned with coastal inundation and flooding along the shores of Chesapeake Bay.

Hampton Roads Warehouse and Distribution Forum
"The purpose of the forum was to assemble representatives from theWarehousing and Distribution industry in Hampton Roads to hear research on Supply Chains in Hampton Roads, the impact of federal stimulus funding on the Hampton Roads transportation network, and business capabilities of companies in the region."