Regional Projects

"Our affiliation with a highly regarded university like William & Mary should be a real plus. It will give us better access to the resources of the university and enhance our credibility in the eyes of our future clientele."

- Brien Craft, Former James City County Economic Development Authority's liaison to the Business and Technology Incubator

We respond to requests for support in areas where we have programs and capabilities that can help meet community economic development needs. We believe those contributions will strengthen our faculty and expand the horizons of our students. The widest range of programs are near the main campus and in the Greater Williamsburg area although William & Mary also supports the following economic development projects.

  • Greater Williamsburg

    We understandably have the widest range of programs near the main campus and in the Greater Williamsburg area. Governments in the area have expressed interest in diversifying their economic bases, including more emphasis on technology-based companies. They have also expressed interest in the economic vitality of the urban core around the W&M campus. William and Mary is collaborating in that strategic planning process.

  • Chesapeake Bay

    The goal of this project is to leverage the scientific and public policy resources at William and Mary to address the future of the Chesapeake Bay as a complex ecosystem and vital contributor of the economic health of the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond. William and Mary's Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) has unique strengths in research and advisory services, and a tradition of interdisciplinary analysis of marine systems, required for a comprehensive assessment of the scientific issues. William and Mary's public policy, business, law, education, computational science, visualization, operations research and environmental programs, complement VIMS strenghts in marine science and provide other perspectives needed for complex policy assessments. In addition, VIMS has already made significant progress, in cooperation with numerous industry partners, in developing the observation platform, sensor, information processing and modeling capabilities needed to monitor, interpret, and model waters within the Bay.

  • Hampton Roads Technology Clusters

    The Hampton Roads Technology Clusters, under the auspices of the Hampton Roads Research Partnership (HRRP), seeks to promote economic development in the Hampton Roads region by linking university and laboratory research with the private sector.

  • City of Portsmouth

    The City of Portsmouth has a wonderful port and expanding terminal operations. The Maersk Corporation is making a major investment of roughly $450 million to open a new container terminal, and that creates significant new opportunities. The City has initiated long-term planning aimed at leveraging its strengths as a port city to expand economic development. William and Mary has agreed to assist in that planning process.A key component to the planning process is the Maritime Summit. This annual meeting of public and private leaders in the maritime industry facilitates knowledge sharing and developing goals and objectives for the World Class Maritime Center project.

  • City of Petersburg

    The selection of Petersburg by a steering committee of William and Mary staff and faculty was driven by three primary factors: Petersburg's size wad deemed appropriate for the planned engagement; the community faced significant challenges; and William and Mary had an affiliation with Richard Bland College in Petersburg.