Use of Campus Facilities

Access to university facilities and use of campus grounds for non-academic purposes is governed by the Use of Campus Facilities Policy. This policy includes

  • requirements for scheduling of meetings, demonstrations, rallies, and other organized activities
  • types of unscheduled activities in which students can engage and where these activities may be conducted
  • limitations on commercial activities and solicitation
  • University facilities strictly reserved for administrative and academic uses.
Posters, Banners, Signs, and Decorations
  1. Recognized student organizations, departments and offices of the university, and members of the university community may place posters on kiosks, bulletin boards and other areas designated by the Office of Student Activities. ("Posters" means signs, advertisements, handbills, announcements, and other flat or one-dimensional information devices.)
  2. Posters may be placed on campus bulletin boards provided that:
    • They may not exceed 14 inches by 22 inches in size.
    • They must indicate the date (week) of posting. Posters must be removed at the end of two weeks unless an extension is granted.
    • No advertisement offering paid-for research may be posted on campus. 

    Banners or posters not satisfying these requirements are subject to removal.

  3. Banners and signs in excess of 14 inches by 22 inches in size must be approved for size and form by the Executive Director of Student Activities prior to hanging and may be hung only in certain designated areas with the following provisions:
    • Banners may be posted for no longer than two weeks unless an extension has been granted by the Executive Director of Student Activities.
    • Signs and banners hung near entryways must not obscure vision or entry and should be securely fastened. Signs must be constructed of material that can withstand adverse weather conditions.
  4. Banners or posters may not be posted or hung on trees, poles, walls, doors, windows, or fences without special permission.
  5. Chalking buildings and sidewalks is not permitted on university property, except in designated areas.
    1. Chalking is allowed on flat, horizontal surfaces (pedestrian sidewalks/walkways) and must be fully exposed so that rain can wash it away.
    2. Chalking is not permitted on any vertical surface which includes buildings, steps, signs, walls, statues, benches, etc.
    3. Chalking must be at least 30 feet away from the entrance to any building.
    4. Chalking must adhere to published university policies, including anti-discrimination policies and procedures.
    5. Water-soluble chalk must be used.
Reserving Rooms

Student organizations may not reserve rooms or outside spaces after the last day of classes unless the Executive Director of Student Activities grants special permission. Such requests must be in writing.