Resolution Process for Reports of Sexual Harassment and Assault

Reporting Acts of Sexual Misconduct (including Sexual Harassment)

Students may report acts of sexual misconduct privately to Donna Haygood-Jackson, Director of Care Support Services or to the Haven.  Dr. Haygood-Jackson will take a confidential report and ensure that the student is aware of resources available and of protective measures that may be implemented to prevent further harassment/assault from occurring.  Dr. Haygood-Jackson will review the student's options including filing a police report and/or a report with the Office of Student Conduct (if the reported assaulter is a student).

For more information regarding reporting options, please consult the Office of Compliance website "How and Where to File a Report or Complaint".

Reporting for Review by the Office of Student Conduct

If the student chooses to report the matter for investigation for possible conduct charges, Dr. Haygood-Jackson will provide the student with information about that process and the student's rights and duties within it.  The student will meet with Marjorie Thomas, Dean of Students, or her designees, and Dean Thomas will appoint at least two WM staff to investigate the matter.  The investigators will interview relevant parties and gather appropriate information to include in a report to the Dean of Students.

Dean Thomas will review the report and determine if sufficient evidence exists to charge the student with violation(s) of the Code of Conduct.  If so, the matter will be referred to the Director of Student Conduct who will meet with the Reporting Party to review the report. The Respondent (the student responding to the charges) will be provided with information about the student conduct process and rights and responsibilities.

The Director of Student Conduct will determine if the matter is appropriate for resolution via the Administrative Resolution process, and if so, present the proposed summary of facts, policy violation(s), and sanctions to the Reporting Party.  If the Reporting Party agrees to the proposed resolution, the Director will contact the respondent to schedule an Information Session at which the Director will review the report and provide the Respondent with options available for resolving the matter.  If the Director has determined that an Administrative Resolution is possible (and the reporting party has agreed), the Director will provide the respondent this option--otherwise the Director will refer the matter to a hearing.

Resolution Options

See below for a visual flow chart of the resolution process.

Administrative Resolution

If the Director, Reporting Party, and respondent all agree to an administrative resolution, the Director will reduce the agreement to writing.  Both parties will be notified in writing of the outcome and offered the opportunity to appeal.

Sexual Misconduct Panel Hearing

If either party or the Director requests a hearing, the matter will be scheduled for a formal hearing before the Sexual Misconduct Board.  The Board will determine whether a preponderance of the evidence exists to find the Respondent in violation, and if so, the Board will consult with the Dean of Students to determine the appropriate sanctions.  Both parties will be informed in writing and provided the opportunity to appeal.

Flow Chart of Sexual Harassment/Sexual Misconduct Process

View/Print our Brochure on Sexual Misconduct (pdf)