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Undergraduate Student Conduct Council

The Undergraduate Student Conduct Council consists of 15 undergraduate students (6 seniors, 5  juniors, and 4 sophomores) serving the College by acting as panel members on panel and board hearings and providing educational measures to inform the College's community of the Code of Conduct and its procedures. Members are selected in the spring of each year through a competitive application and interview process.

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2013 - 2014 Student Conduct Council
Class of 2014




Emily Bessler (Co-Chair), Neal Desai (Co-Chair), Taylor Feenstra, Matthew McCarron

Class of 2015




Grace Fernandez, Nuha Naqvi, Ethan Pearlstein, James Moyler, Briana List, Mary-Gray Southern


Class of 2016




Madeline Schultz, Matthew Schliep, Ryan Polk, Caitlyn Hickman (not pictured), Hank Evans (not pictured)

Bylaws of the Undergraduate Student Conduct Council (PDF)