Confidentiality and Notification

Will my parents find out?

If you have given us permission to notify your parents, your parents will receive a copy of the outcome a few days after your case is resolved.

All students are encouraged to fill out the parental release form in the Dean of Students office indicating their preferences for parents to receive financial, academic and student conduct information. Students may change their preferences at any time. The College can choose to notify parents even when a student has requested that it not do so, but only in specific and extenuating circumstances. Regardless of the above, we encourage students to discuss their behavior and the related consequences with their parents. It is all part of having a mature, honest, adult relationship.

If you are under the age of 21, in serious incidents involving alcohol or drug use (those resulting in sanctions of probation or higher or the equivalent level for cases of Medical Amnesty), the College will disclose the outcome of your case with your parents, as we view them as stakeholders in your education.  You will have the opportunity to inform your parents first, as we will not notify them until after your appeal period has ended.  

I want to go to graduate/law/medical school. Will potential schools find out about my disciplinary history?

The answer depends on the sanction you are issued.  Many graduate schools will request access to your disciplinary history, and they most likely will ask you to allow them to verify the information with us.  If we receive a signed release from you authorizing disclosure, we will dislose information concerning sanctions greater than a warning.

The College will not disclose warnings to entities outside of the College.  The College will disclose sanctions of probation until you graduate.  Students who receive any form of separation (indefinite suspension, suspension, or dismissal) from the College will have a permanent student conduct file at the College, and the College will disclose this information indefinitely.

Keep in mind that your disciplinary history may or may not affect your admission. You will want to discuss your history with the admissions staff of the potential schools if you are concerned.

Will this affect my playing on a team?

It could. If a student receives a sanction of Probation with Loss of Privileges, then the student will be removed from all College, fraternal, and/or other student extracurricular or social activities for a specified period of time. This includes athletic teams. Also, coaches may take independent action for a violation separate from any conduct or honor proceeding.

Will my coach find out?

We do not automatically notify coaches of players' violations, and usually only do so if the behavior in some way affects the team or was related to a team event. However, we do encourage you to be forthright with your coach and to accept responsibility for violations. This approach is always better in the long run than a coach finding out about the matter from someone else.

Will my professors find out I am facing conduct/honor action?

We will communicate limited and appropriate information to faculty members only if conduct or honor action affects the class in some way (e.g., if you are given a grade penalty or are separated from the College).

Will my conduct case affect my academic record?

If you are found responsible for violating a policy, and if you are removed from the College (suspended, indefinitely suspended, or permanently dismissed), a notation will be placed on your transcript during the dismissal time period. Once your status is restored to good standing, we will remove the notation.  For sanctions less than separation, your transcript is not affected. For permanent dismissals, the notation will remain on your transcript permanently.

Also, the Dean of Students office will create and maintain conduct/honor records related to the incident for a certain time period. If you receive a sanction of suspension, indefinite suspension, or permanent dismissal, we will maintain permanent conduct/honor records. If you receive a sanction less than suspension, we will maintain the records for a period of two years post-graduation (although we will not disclose the records outside of the College after you graduate).

Please feel free to contact us with specific questions about your record by calling 757-221-2509.