Alcohol Violations

What are common sanctions for underage alcohol use?

Any student who violates the alcohol policy could receive any sanction from a warning to dismissal from the College plus some form of alcohol education program.

Sanctioning depends upon the nature and circumstances of the violation in addition to several other factors, but in general, for serious violations, the following guidelines typically apply:

Alcohol Sanction Matrix

Note that the sanctions above are merely guidelines. The case administrator or board hearing the student's case is empowered to make the determination regarding appropriate sanctions to be applied (thus, one could be suspended for a first serious violation if the case administrator/board deems that outcome appropriate).

Why are some students assigned, some Basics, and some assigned other alcohol education?

The College assigns sanctions that are appropriate to the violation and designed to address any underlying issues presented. Thus, the sanction assigned depends upon the nature of the violation. Usually, however, or some other form of alcohol or substance abuse education and/or counseling will be assigned for alcohol related violations, as the College wants to ensure the student has the opportunity to reflect on the matter that brought him/her to attention and to encourage the student to learn from the incident.

What does cost and involve? is a substance abuse web-based program that consists of an educational component and surveys.

Because is a web-based program, the Dean of Students Office has the access rights to know when a student has completed the course.

There is a $40.00 charge for  These fees offset the costs of course materials and license fees.

What if I can't afford to pay for my alcohol sanction?

If you have significant extenuating circumstances, you may contact Sarah Menefee, Health Promotion Specialist, in order to discuss your challenges and make appropriate arrangements.

What is Basics?

BASICS consists of two 1-on-1 sessions between a student and a practitioner as well as a feedback survey.  Each session is an hour long and the feedback survey will be completed as an extension of the first session

What if I already went through or Basics?

You might be referred to some other sort of alcohol or substance abuse program, including the New Leaf Clinic, and/or you might be assigned to have an initial meeting with a substance abuse specialist.