How the Process Works

An Overview of the Process (for more detail, please see the Student Handbook)

  • Early Resolution Option (only applicable in undergraduate cases)
    • For allegations of academic dishonesty, if a faculty member is the Reporting Party, the matter may be eligible for an Early Faculty/Student Resolution (see the violations chart for more information regarding whether a particular situation is eligible or contact the Office of Student Conduct at 221-2509).
  • Reports that do not resolve in Early Resolution (or are ineligible for Early Resolution) [FN1]
    • After receiving a report referred for a formal review, the Procedural Advisor meets with the Respondent and reviews his or her rights.
    • The Chair appoints an investigating committee that typically has up to seven (7) days to investigate a case (unless given an extension by the Chair)
    • If the Honor Council determines that there is insufficient evidence to proceed to a hearing or that the matter is inconsequential, the matter is dropped. Whether a matter is consequential may be determined by the Chair before an investigation takes place.
    • A student is considered innocent until found responsible for a violation. The hearing is the opportunity for the Council to review all relevant information and to question witnesses. If the panel finds insufficient evidence to find a student in violation, the matter is dismissed. Only if a student is found responsible will the sanctioning portion of the hearing take place.
    • Within a few days after the hearing, the Dean of Students (or designee) reviews the Honor Council outcome and meets with the student. The Dean will deliver the official written outcome to the student and will discuss appeal options.
    • The student then has five working days from receiving the official written notification to file a written appeal of the decision. The appeal is directed to the Appeals Committee which is appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs.
[FN1]:  Early Resolution is not applicable to reports involving graduate or professional students.