The Hearing

During the school year, the Council typically conducts hearings Monday through Thursday, generally in the early evening. The hearing is comprised of two phases: the Judgment Hearing and the Sanctions Hearing (if necessary). These two hearings typically are held on the same night if possible.

The Judgment Hearing

At the judgment hearing, six Council members serve as the panel. These individuals are charged with reviewing the evidence, asking questions during the hearing, and determining whether the student has violated the Code. The Respondent, the Reporting Party, witnesses, the Procedural Advisor (PA), the Investigating Committee Chair (ICC), the Student Advisor, and the Chair also are present in the hearing.  The ICC will conduct initial questioning of all involved parties. The Respondent is permitted to make brief opening and closing statements. All parties may be questioned during the hearing, but there is no cross-examination as you would find in a court of law.

The Sanctions Hearing

If the panel finds the student responsible for the violation(s), usually the panel will move immediately into a sanctions hearing. The only parties involved in the sanctions phase of the hearing are the Chair, the panel of six members, the Respondent, the PA and the student's character witnesses, if any.

The Respondent is allowed up to two character witnesses and may also submit letters relevant to sanctioning.  During the sanctions hearing, the panel determines the appropriate sanction(s) for the student. In accomplishing this, the panel reviews the student's prior record (if any) and the circumstances of the offense and the student.

See our FAQ section and the Student Handbook for more information.