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Undergraduate Honor Council

About the Council

The Undergraduate Honor Council is elected through a College-wide election each February. Our election is unique because the candidates are selected without the use of campaigning.  The members have been elected by their peers based on their reputations as student and campus leaders as well as being honorable members of the William & Mary community.

2013-2014 Members


Erin Hills (Chair)
Emmy Newcomb (Vice Chair)
Richard Murphy
Dylan Frendt
Elizabeth Scott
Montana Osler
Michael Gibbons (Chief Financial Officer)
Sarah Gaspari


Caroline Chalko (Secretary)
Lynn Nakamura
Phoebe Lin
Kaitlynn Menoche
Stephen D'Alessio
Isabel Hardee
Kristen Hennessey
Brian Fuller


Mellie Ligon
Michael Walker
Sarah Perry
Nicole Walsh
Genevieve Spuhler
Constantine Fabian
Rachel Johnson
Kacie Rettig

2014-2015 Members

Mary Beth Berg
Elisabeth Bloxam
Caroline Chalko
Stephen D’Alessio
Julie Feng
Brian Fuller
Kristen Hennessey
Christopher Johnson


Constantin Fabian
Taylor Jacobs
Brendan McNamara
Sarah Perry
Kacie Rettig
Audrey Scruggs
Cayla Sherrell
Nicole Walsh


Marissa Alvarez
Shannon Caietti
Kyle Chadwick
Caleb Ebert
Honor Leahy
Rachel Smith
Jacob Young
Emma Zahren-Newman eazahrennewman 

Honor Council Office Hours:

Monday-Friday: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Note that during the Summer, the office typically is not staffed-please email us for assistance.

Undergraduate Honor Council Bylaws (pdf)

Contact Information:

Office Location: Campus Center Basement #007
Office Phone: (757) 221-3305
Email: [[e|honorcouncil]]
Fax (Please label all documents "Honor Council"): 757-221-2538

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