Witness Information

This information was prepared for your consideration and convenience. For specific and official information about rights and responsibilities, consult the student handbook and/or the chairperson of the hearing panel.


Your willing cooperation has been noted, but please be aware that College policies authorize disciplinary action to be taken against students who refuse to appear, testify or remain when requested.


Failure to cooperate and be honest and complete in your answers may be considered a violation of College regulations and/or our Honor Code. You may choose not to answer specific questions that may incriminate you, but if you choose to do so, you must indicate why you have chosen not to answer.


To preserve the dignity of individuals involved in the hearing process, the integrity of the process and especially to protect the reputation of students charged with conduct offenses, your respect for privacy is critically important.

Communication Among Witnesses

For many reasons witnesses should consider themselves "sequestered" and make every effort to avoid hearing or discussing the testimony of another witness. It is also important you refrain from discussing your testimony or views about the matter with other witnesses. The hearing officers are interested in your independent recollections and to help you avoid comments or other pressure that could compromise the process.

Anticipating Your Testimony

The hearing chair is responsible for calling witnesses in a sequence best suited to circumstances of the hearing as it develops. For that reason, he or she may not be able to predict or promise the order you will be invited to testify, or the time you are asked to appear.

To verify arrival and availability of those invited, you have been asked to appear at the scheduled start time of the hearing, still your specific testimony may not be requested until much later. You are encouraged to bring a book-bag, briefcase, medication, cell phone, laptop computer, snack, a book to read, or whatever it takes to reduce the tedium of what could be a long wait. If you have time constraints you would like to be considered, please alert the chair.

Missed Other Obligations

In scheduling hearings, those responsible have tried to consider class schedules and meal times, it still may be necessary for some invited witnesses to miss an appointment or class to contribute to a hearing.

Hearsay or Indirect Knowledge

The hearing panel is interested in examining all available relevant testimony, however, if you are sharing information, impressions, or understandings based on other than firsthand experience, please clearly indicate that in your testimony. Things about which you have no doubt or question should be shared if material or relevant, but please share your doubt as well.

Questions and Rebuttals of Your Testimony

Be prepared to answer questions about your testimony, including some which may seem critical of your perceptions. It will be understood and assumed that you are sharing what you know "to be the best of your recollection," and that reasonable persons of goodwill may naturally disagree in their perceptions of events.