The CHAP Advisors

Advisors are selected in the spring semester each year and receive extensive training and shadowing prior to taking cases.  For information regarding how to become a trained advisor, please see our link to How to Become a Conduct/Honor Advisor.

2015-2016 CHAPs

George Rudebusch (Chair)
Michael Salvidio (Vice Chair)
Marvi Ali
Arianna Lyons
Dan Butler
Elliott Theuerkauf
Genevieve Spuhler
Hayden Cohen
Henry Durbin
Jacob Ramey
Jessica Starkey
Leah Zweig

Congratulations to our newly-selected members (selected in February 2016)!

Morgan Tyler
Lauren Dickerson
Ellen Longman
Robert Sherman
Rahul Truter
Sami Tewolde

To contact the CHAP Program or Request an Advisor: