Academic Status Changes

The Committee on Academic Status (CAS) is composed of six full-time members of the teaching faculty and two administrators. The Committee has three functions:

  1. The Committee hears individual student requests for exception to academic rules and regulations not directly related to fulfillment of degree requirements. (Refer to the CAS petition form for a listing of possible exceptions.)
  2. The Committee reviews the progress of students in academic difficulty at the end of each semester and makes a determination of status (i.g., academic warning, probation, required withdrawal).
  3. When warranted, the Committee recommends changes to academic policy based upon considerations prompted by individual requests.
Frequency of Meetings
During the Fall and Spring semesters, the Committee meets every other week. Meetings are less regular during breaks, holidays, and summer sessions.

Committee Policies
Read the Policies of the Committee on Academic Status concerning academic standards and good standing.

Petition and Appeal

Students are permitted to enter one initial request (petition) for academic adjustments. If this petition is denied, the student has 10 days in which to submit a written appeal of the denied petition. The Committee only hears the appeal of a student in person if that individual is facing the second and final required withdrawal from the College for academic reasons.