Apply to be a Peer Mentor with the SPAN Program

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Apply to be a Peer Mentor for incoming freshmen!

Full Description
Apply to be a Peer Mentor

Do you remember what it's like to be a new student, trying to find your way? Looking for your niche? Did anyone extend a helping hand? Now you can be the helping hand that SPANs the gap from being a new student to being a member of the Tribe! Become a peer mentor for the SPAN program!

What does it take?
It doesn't take a lot of time. More importantly it takes a caring heart, the willingness to extend yourself, and the commitment to helping students of color, religiously diverse students, LGBTQ students, students with disabilities, or any students from diverse backgrounds find their niche at W&M!

How do you sign up?
Fill out an application to be a mentor! The application form is online at

What does a SPAN mentor do?
  • Get a little training from the CSD
  • Participate in a Speed Matching Activity in the Fall to kick-off the program and facilitate the mentor-protégé matching process
  • Stay in touch with your protégé during the school year
  • Invite your protégé to go along with you to a couple of College events or student programs
  • Bring your protégé to the CSD so they get to know us
  • Attend some SPAN events with your protégé to help them get adjusted and connected
  • Help your protégé learn about other resources on campus
  • Provide encouragement!
  • Have fun!

Got any questions?
Please contact either: