Medical Withdrawal - Undergraduate

The following information is intended to help students and their families make informed decisions about medical withdrawals. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact [[care, Rachel McDonald]], Director of Care Support Services. Any petitions not completed during the semester in which the process began will be archived.

Important Terms

Medical Withdrawal: Mid-semester withdrawal due to documented medical concerns.
Medical Leave of Absence: Leave taken after a semester is completed due to documented medical concerns.
Medical Clearance: Process following a medical withdrawal or leave of absence that allows students to be re-enrolled at William & Mary. All students on medical leaves and withdrawals, including retroactive, must be cleared before returning.
Retroactive Medical Withdrawal: Medical withdrawal applied to a semester already completed after the last day of classes.
Wellness Agreement:Signed set of expectations mutually agreed upon by the student, the Medical Review Committee and the student’s healthcare providers that establish conditions for maintaining the student’s safety and mental health while on campus.

Important Information

International Students: Students on an international visa must consult with the Office of International Students, Scholars and Programs before petitioning for any course load adjustment. 
Financial Aid: All students considering a medical withdrawal or medical leave of absence should be familiar with the financial implications of their decision.  We recommend working with the Office of Financial Aid when making the decision to petition for any course load adjustments.