Medical Clearance Information

All students who took a medical withdrawal or leave of absence must apply for medical clearance to return to the College.  The request form for Medical Clearance can be found here.

Please note the deadlines for Medical Clearance requests:

Return for Spring: November 15
Return for Summer: April 15
Return for Fall: July 15

These deadlines are not negotiable and cannot be altered.  

Clearance Procedure

Readmission following a medical withdrawal is not automatic; medical clearance is required first. The clearance process will not begin until all of these are provided. Medical clearance requires the following documentation.

  • The student must explain, in writing, and document how he/she has addressed and dealt with the behaviors (illness) that caused difficulty when last enrolled.   If applicable, the student also should describe a health management plan for his/her return to William and Mary. This must be signed by the student.
  • Healthcare Provider Assessment Forms (found here)
  • A current Release of Information form is required, allowing the Dean of Students Office to discuss the student’s return with the Counseling Center, Health Center, and other professionals the student has worked with in the meantime.
  • (Optional) A completed application form for Readmission to the College.  If the student has transferred to another college in the meanwhile, he/she must apply as a transfer student through the Office of Admissions.   

The Medical Review Committee will evaluate the above documentation to determine the student’s readiness to reenter the College of William and Mary in a safe and successful manner.  The Committee members also may consult any or all of the following sources: the material submitted at the time of the student’s medical withdrawal; the student’s academic file in the Dean of Students Office; personal interview with the student; and/or follow-up with the student’s health care providers.  The student should expect specified conditions upon return to accompany the medical clearance. Conditions, for example, could include but not be limited to continued counseling and compliance with medication management. The cleared student will receive the conditions (if any) in a wellness agreement and, once the Dean of Students Office receives a copy signed by the student, the student will be readmitted for the following semester.

An important note:

By granting a medical withdrawal and the forgiveness of the semester, the College accepts that there were significant medical physical and/or psychological issues that interfered with the student’s ability to be academically and personally successful in the designated semester.  In return for this action, the College will conduct a full review for medical clearance to be assured that the medical issues have been addressed and/or are medically under control.  In most cases involving medication, the College will expect to see medication stabilization for four or more months.  In cases involving depression, for example, the College will expect to see the remission of active depression as well as evidence that the student has addressed in therapy the early identification of symptoms and positive coping responses.  In cases involving addiction, the College will expect to see successful treatment and six months of sobriety and/or abstinence.  Evidence of personal success in other areas (such as employment, classes at another institution) can provide supporting evidence of a person’s ability to return.  Because of the emphasis on the student’s well being and healthful return, there is no maximum period of time placed on the student’s request for clearance. 

Students are encouraged to contact the [[doscom, Dean of Students Office]] when they feel they are ready to begin the clearance process to discuss timelines and required information.