Re-Enrollment and Medical Clearance

Re-enrollment following a full medical withdrawal is contigent upon a medical clearance procedure. The Medical Review Committee reviews student petitions for medical clearance in order to determine if the student can safely return to the College. Petitions for medical clearance will include a personal statement from the student, relevant healthcare provider assesments, and a current realease of information form. Petitions must be submitted by the dates listed below. Re-enrollment may also be contingent upon additional restrictions or requirements for the student’s safety and success. Students are encouraged to contact the Dean of Students Office when they feel they are ready to begin the clearance process to discuss timelines and required information.
Medical Clearance and Re-Enrollment Application
Release of Information (PDF)

Deadlines for Re-Enrollment

Fall Semester: July 15
Spring Semester: November 15
Summer Term: April 15