Honor Code Violation (reported by students)

Among the most significant traditions of William & Mary is its student-administered honor system. The essence of the honor system is individual responsibility in all matters relating to a student's honor. Our expectations regarding honorable conduct are enumerated in the Honor Code, and students are entrusted to maintain the Code and to adjudicate matters involving alleged violations of the Code.

The Honor Code is an enduring tradition at the College with documented history that originate as far back as 1736. Today, students administer the Honor Oath to each student upon matriculation, and students lead the College's efforts to educate students, faculty, and administration on the relevance of the Code and its application to students' lives at the College. Students administer the Code through six Honor Councils and the Council of Chairs.

The Honor Code prohibits lying, cheating, and stealing.  For definitions of each offense, view our Infractions Guide.

To report a possible violation, please click on the "Report an Issue or Concern" button on the left side of our page.