Program Themes

Upcoming Themes
Fall 2015

Program Professors: Heather Macdonald and Suzanne Raitt
Department: Geology and English, respectively
Theme/Course Description: "Working for Change: The History and Politics of Social Movements" (pdf)

Spring 2016

Program Professor: Ron Rapoport
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "The 2016 Election: Parties, Campaigns, Consultants, and Voters" (pdf)

Fall 2016

Program Professor: Chitralekha Zutshi
Department: History
Theme/Course Description: "Nation Building and Conflict Resolution in Asia" (pdf)

Spring 2017

Program Professor: Christine Nemcheck
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "Judicial Politics: Law & Politics in the Nation's Capitol" (pdf)

Fall 2017

Program Professor: John Gilmour
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "National Defense Politics and Budgeting" (pdf)

Spring 2018

Program Professor: Frederick Corney
Department: History
Theme/Course Description: "Cold War Spies and Other Myths: The Development of Postwar American Culture" (pdf)

Fall 2018

Program Professor: William Fisher
Department: Anthropology
Theme/Course Description: "Citizenship, Policy, and the Public" (pdf)