Program Themes

Spring 2014

Program Professor: Hiroshi Kitamura
Department: History
Theme/Course Description: "US Foreign Relations -- Then and Now" (pdf)

The purpose of this semester is to enrich our knowledge on US foreign relations from multiple viewpoints. We will investigate the people and processes that shaped and influenced American power from international and inter-disciplinary perspectives. The chronological focus will be 1945 to the present. We will examine U.S. diplomacy and policymaking in relation to their "foreign" counterparts.  We will explore state agendas in relation to societal ones. We will touch upon politics, war, business,technology, culture, religion, social interactions, and popular protest.
Upcoming Themes
Fall 2014

Program Professor: T.J. Cheng
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "Political Economy of Development - Model, Policy, and Change" (pdf)

Spring 2015

Program Professor: Jaime Settle
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "Politics in the Era of Social Media" (pdf)

Fall 2015

Program Professors: Heather Macdonald and Suzanne Raitt
Department: Geology and English, respectively
Theme/Course Description: "Working for Change: The History and Politics of Social Movements" (pdf)

Spring 2016

Program Professor: Ron Rapoport
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "The 2016 Election: Parties, Campaigns, Consultants, and Voters" (pdf)

Fall 2016

Program Professor: Chitralekha Zutshi
Department: History
Theme/Course Description: "Nation Building and Conflict Resolution in Asia" (pdf)

Spring 2017

Program Professor: Christine Nemcheck
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "Judicial Politics: Law & Politics in the Nation's Capitol" (pdf)

Fall 2017

Program Professor: John Gilmour
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "National Defense Politics and Budgeting" (pdf)

Past Themes

Fall 2013

Program Professor: Berhanu Abegaz
Department: Economics
Theme/Course Description: "The International Economy and Deepening Globalization in the 21st Century" (pdf)

Spring 2013

Program Professor: Greg Bowers
Department: Music
Theme/Course Description: "Interdisciplinary Art in Washington: The Promise for a New National Arts Policy" (pdf)

Fall 2012

Program Professor: Mark Fowler
Department: Environmental Science and Policy
 Theme/Course Description: "The Ethics of Sustainability" (pdf)

Spring 2012

Program Professor: Ron Rapoport
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "The 2012 Election: Parties, Campaigns, Consultants and Elections" (pdf)

Fall 2011

Program Professor: Alan Wallach
Department: American Studies Program
Theme/Course Description: "The Future of Art in Modern Culture" (pdf)

Spring 2011

Program Professor: Dan Doherty
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "Media as the Fourth Branch of Government" (pdf)

Fall 2010

Program Professor: Ann Marie Stock
Department: Modern Language and Literatures
Theme/Course Description: "New Media and Culture in the Nation's Capital" (pdf)

Spring 2010

Program Professor: T.J. Cheng
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "International Politics in Economic Hard Times" (pdf)

Spring 2009

Program Professor: Bruce Campbell
Department: Modern Languages and Literature
Theme/Course Description: "War, Memory and the Holocaust" (pdf)

Fall 2008

Program Professor: Paula Pickering
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "Post-Conflict State Building" (pdf)

Spring 2008

Program Professor: Amy Oakes
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "U.S. National Security in the Twenty-First Century" (pdf)

Fall 2007

Program Professor: Marc Lee Raphael
Department: Religious Studies
Theme/Course Description: "Religion and the Federal State" (pdf)

Spring 2007

Program Professor: Anne Rasmussen
Department: Music
Theme/Course Description: "Washington and the Arts: The Intersection of the Global and the Local" (pdf)

Fall 2006

Program Professor: Chris Nemacheck
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "Courting Politics, Politicking the Courts: The Intersections Between Law and Politics" (pdf)