For Prospective Students

The W&M in Washington Program is an opportunity for students who want to experience “working” Washington in a structured and supervised way, tapping the dynamic institutions of the Washington Metropolitan Area to provide unparalleled experiential learning opportunities.

Fall 2014 Semester

The theme for the Fall 2014 Semester is "Political Economy of Development - Model, Policy, and Change," (pdf) taught by Professor T.J. Cheng of the Government Department.

Why this Program?

William & Mary is bringing its commitment to academic excellence and dedication to public service to the W&M in Washington Program. Although more than 50 schools run programs for undergraduate students in Washington, the W&M Program is unique. Students take classes with a W&M professor, live in the heart of Washington, and earn credit for working in an internship at an organization whose mission is tied directly to the theme of the semester. And like few other programs, course topics change from semester to semester, allowing professors to teach their expertise and students from a wide range of disciplines to participate.