William and Mary

W&M Washington Winter Seminar Fees


The fee for the W&M Washington Winter Seminar is $2,500, $500 of which is a non-refundable deposit.

  • Students reserve a spot in the Washington Winter Seminar by paying a $500 nonrefundable deposit to the Bursar’s Office by November 1. 
  • The remaining fee will be added to your student account, with bills going out in November.

If you choose to live in the Buchanan during  the Winter Seminar, there is the additional cost of $500 for the duration.

What Your Fees Will Cover

In addition to the credit you’ll receive from the College for completing W&M Washington Winter Seminar courses. Your fees cover:

  • Lunch each class day
  • Program dinners on opening night, closing night and select evenings during the week
  • An evening bus tour of the Capitol, the Washington Monument and other DC landmarks
  • A networking panel and reception with W&M DC area alums in the field
  • Fun evening activities like theater tickets, bowling, or ice skating on the National Mall
Day to Day Costs in DC

The average cost per student will vary; however, most students report spending roughly $70 per week on "groceries and other necessities" and about $40.00 per week on Metro fare. 


Your $500 Program Fee is non-refundable.