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January 2015 Classes and Faculty

GOVT 391-08: U.S Politics and the World- Professor Dan Doherty

3 credits

U.S. Politics and the World is a comprehensive introduction to U.S. national politics with an emphasis on the linkages that exist between domestic political behavior and institutions and the broader international context. The target audience for the course includes undergraduates who would benefit from an exposure to American politics through the lens of cross-national issues, especially international students, but any interested W&M student may apply for admittance. 

EDUC 400-03: Urban Education: Policy, Practice, and Leadership- Professor Drew Stelljes

3 credits

**School of Education Curriculum & Instruction students are now able to take the EDUC 400-03 course for CRIN-F11/ CRIN-310 credit.

In an age of constant media attention on the state of our school systems, mounting emphasis on standardized tests, and an array of social and economic pressures, why do teachers still teach? 

This course will explore this question by exploring our own educational path,  recent education policy in the United States and today’s students and today’s teachers.  We will examine the often discussed “achievement gap” from various stakeholders' perspectives and question whether it is the achievement we need be most concerned about or if we should focus more on the gap in opportunity for certain students.  

Through a series of school visits, classroom observations, panel discussions, and presentations from education policy experts, school leaders, teachers and education researchers, students in this course will have many opportunities to explore, examine and evaluate current policy, practice and leadership in DC area schools.

Please Note:  For 2015, Washington Winter Seminar courses will be considered part of a student’s Fall 2014 semester course load. 


2015 Winter Seminar Schedule

Student move in and Welcome Dinner: Saturday, 1/3

Student Programing and Academic Overview: Sunday, 1/4

Class 9am-4pm:

  • Monday, 1/5
  • Tuesday, 1/6
  • Wednesday, 1/7
  • Thursday, 1/8
  • Friday, 1/9
  • Saturday, 1/10
  • Monday, 1/12

Plus — two discussion sessions in fall and one in spring.

Class Locations

Classes are held at the William & Mary Washington Office, located in the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Building at 1779 Massachusetts Avenue, NW in the Dupont Circle area of downtown Washington. Get directions and parking information.

However, many classes will take place on-location around DC as well.

Grading & Honor Code

Grades are awarded for the Washington Winter Seminar just like classes on campus. In addition, all policies and regulations contained in the Rights and Responsibilities, the Student Code of Conduct, and the Administration of Student Life Policies sections of the William & Mary Student Handbook apply to all Winter Seminar courses.