About the Washington Winter Seminar

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William & Mary holds the W&M Washington Winter Seminar in the W&M Washington Office each January, before the start of Spring semester classes.  The Seminar features academically rigorous coursework and an engaging program for W&M students of all majors and backgrounds.  The Seminar provides an opportunity for students wanting to experience Washington, DC in a structured and guided way while earning W&M academic credit.  Students attend classes in the William & Mary Washington Office, meet with experts at some of DC’s highest profile institutions, network with alums, and have the option to live in W&M leased apartments in Arlington, VA.

Program History

The W&M Washington Winter Seminar consists of two academic courses housed in the William & Mary Washington Office. The program started in January 2014, and is staffed by the Assistant Director, Washington Office, and the Program Manager. Our Winter Seminar gives students the opportunity to experience seminar classes, site visits, talk with field experts, and network with W&M alumni.

Contact Us
  • For general inquiries, email dcwinter@wm.edu.
  • To speak with someone in the W&M Washington Office call (202) 939-4000.

Program History

The W&M DC Summer Institutes are academic programs housed in the William & Mary Washington Office. They were started in Summer 2010, and are staffed by the Assistant Director, Washington Office, and the Program Manager. Our Summer Institutes were designed to: 1) Emphasize the practical aspects of learning and knowledge by increasing opportunities for internships in business, social services, government, and other ‘real life' laboratories, and 2) Provide an off-campus experience for each undergraduate to contribute the insight and understanding needed for leadership in the new global environment.


Take a course specifically designed for the W&M Washington Winter Seminar. Classes meet each day  in the weeks before the Spring Semester. Included in the class schedule are lectures, class discussions, numerous speakers and site visits related to the specific course topic.


The fee for the W&M Washington Winter Seminar is $2,500, $500 of which is a non-refundable deposit due November 1. The remaining fee will be added to your student account, with bills going out in November.

Life in DC

The W&M Washington Office staff provides the same quality of support to students in DC as campus administrators do in Williamsburg. Students may choose to live at home or another housing arrangement, or they can live in W&M-sponsored furnished apartments in Arlington, VA, just 5 Metro stops away from downtown DC.


There are no internships associated with the W&M Washington Winter Seminar. 

Financial Aid

Check with your Financial Aid Counselor at the W&M Financial Aid Office.

Additional Academic Programs offered by the Washington Office

W&M's Washington Office offers three additional academic programs for undergraduate students. The DC Summer Institutes are intensive 6 credit academic programs composed of a 2-week course and 10-week internship in DC.  The DC Summer Session offers 5-week classes during the summer, with no accompanying internship.  The W&M in Washington Program is offered each spring and fall semester only and involves an academically rigorous curriculum built around a semester-by-semester topic with internships matched to that topic, as well as residential, programming, and alumni mentorship/networking components.