New Media Institute

The College of William & Mary New Media Institute is a six credit academic program composed of an accelerated course and an internship in the DC area. Professor Jeremy Stoddard will guide Institute fellows in analyzing new media (broadly defined to include film, video and photography; digital , television, radio, and print media; art and culture; and games and interactive, mobile and social media).  In this era defined by increasing connectedness and technological innovation, participants will examine the ways in which new media promotes a sense of identity and rootedness while permitting engagement with global institutions.  

Classroom presentations, discussions and debates will be augmented by conversations with “media brokers,” individuals who foster the creation and dissemination of new media.  Of particular interest will be the strategies they have developed to address the changing social and polical landscape in response to new technologies, demographic shifts and global forces.  Fellows will synthesize their classroom and experiential learning by producing a portfolio—critical and creative—informed by theories and practices of new media and drawing upon various events and institutions in the D.C. area.