National Security Institute

The College of William & Mary National Security Institute is a six credit academic program composed of an accelerated course and an internship in the DC area. The coursework will be taught by Instructor Kathryn Floyd and involves intensive classroom instruction from academic experts and policymakers on the formation of U.S. national security policy and current security challenges facing the United States.  The internship involves undergraduate student fellows witnessing and interacting firsthand with policymakers in the formation of national security policy through internships at Washington, DC think tanks, nongovernmental organizations, and government agencies.

Fellows also are expected to develop a deeper knowledge of a security-related topic by completing a research paper and accompanying presentation in DC due at the end of the summer.  In addition, fellows will receive career guidance by the Institute Professor and Washington Office staff.  Workshops will include topics such as writing for the intelligence and security community, applying for government jobs, and succeeding in an internship setting.



National Security Fellows waiting in the Capitol Building to visit the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.