Arrange a Class Visit to the Office

Since opening in 2001, the Washington Office has helped coordinate visits for classes from a variety of departments, enabling students to hear firsthand from policymakers and practitioners and to engage in meaningful dialogue and discussion.

Organizing a day trip to Washington from the main campus or VIMS is easy—just follow these guidelines:


Submit our Event Request Form. If you have any questions or trouble completing the form call the Washington Office at 202-939-4000 or [[wmdcof, send us an email]] .


The Washington Office staff can also help you recruit speakers or establish research contacts in Washington.


We can help you order breakfast and lunch from one of several caterers in the area, depending on your particular needs and budget.


Transportation options in Washington, D.C., are abundant. All travel to and from the Washington Office requires proper Travel Authorization from campus.  


Aside from department budgets, The Roy R. Charles Center provides some funding for one-day conferences and class visits.  The Reves Center for International Studies also provides funds for certain internationally-focused events.