William and Mary

Past Events

Sample of recent events we sponsored and supported by our office.

Office Events
Capitol Hill Networking Reception

With the help of Kelly Hastings '03, planned and executed a networking reception in the Senate HELP Committee hearing room.  More than 120 alums, plus Williamsburg-area Congressman Rob Wittman, attended.

An Evening With Jim ComeyComey Event

Planned, executed, and publicized a reception and discussion with former FBI Director Jim Comey '82 and Government Professor Christine Nemacheck.  More than 100 alumni and friends attended.

Alumni Undergraduate Admissions Workshop

Collaborated with the Office of Undergraduate Admission to plan and execute an Alumni Admissions Workshop.  Earl Granger, Henry Broaddus, Deborah Basket, Stacey Richardson, and Kim Van Dusen ran a three-hour Q&A session and workshops for 160 alums and HS age children on the admissions process. 

Careers in Intelligence

Planned and executed a reception and alumni panel for 90 alumni on careers in intelligence, featuring speakers from the CIA, State Department, and PricewaterhouseCoopers

Academic Programs and Activities
An evening with Brent ScowcroftScowcroft Event

Planned and executed for the students of the W&M in Washington Program a discussion and reception with Lt. General Brent Scowcroft.  General Scowcroft was welcomed by Provost Geoff Feiss, BOV Member and former rector Jeff Trammell, and Program professor Amy Oakes.

The Marshall-Wythe School of Law:  "Careers in Law" Panel and Alumni Reception

Planned a "Careers in Law" panel with Marshall-Wythe Admissions Director Faye Shealy and a number of alums in the field for 20 undergraduate students.   Supported logistics for the Law School's annual Washington Summer Alumni reception for 90 alums and 20 undergraduate students.  

Mason School of Business - EMBA Residency Week in DC

Collaborated with Assistant Dean Prabhu Aggarwal and EMBA Director Susan Hughes to plan and execute a week of classes and speakers in the DC office for their incoming students.

Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy Spring Reception with U.S. Senator Tom Carper

W&M parent U.S.  Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) spoke to a group of 90 alumni and friends of the Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy Alumni Association of the College of William & Mary.  Recruited Senator Carper as a speaker and supported event logistics and catering.

Faculty/Class Visits and Speakers
Faculty Event: Greening Aid?

Supported logistics, catering and publicity for reception with Professor Timmons Roberts, Professor Mike Tierney '87, and Brad Parks '03 celebrating the publishing of their book Greening Aid? Understanding the Environmental Impact of Development Assistance.  Attended by Dean Carl J. Strikwerda and 50 alumni.

Faculty Event:  Lunch with Professor George Grayson

Partnered with the Hudson Institute to host and publicize a lunch and discussion on the occasion of the publication of Professor George Grayson's book, Mexican Messiah: Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, for 100 alums and guests.

Faculty/Student Conference:  Challenges and Opportunities Facing Iraqi WomenIraqi Women

Professor Gul Ozyegin and Emeritus Professor Martha Houle led a group of 45 students from campus to the Washington Office to meet with staff from the Iraqi Embassy, Lois Critchfield, and other experts on the topic of "Challenges and Opportunities Facing Iraqi Women."  Helped find speakers and supported logistics and catering.

W&M Spring Break Student Research Trip

Professor Sylvia Tandeciarz and Professor Theresa Longo brought 11 W&M students and 4 Argentinean students to Washington for a week of meetings and social/cultural activities.  Helped find speakers and supported logistics, housing, and catering.

Professional  Development
Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences  (CCAS)

Anne-Marie McCartan, director of the W&M-based CCAS held a Washington Seminar in the Washington Office for 30 of their members.  Supported the logistics and catering, and arranged a group visit to Capitol Hill to meet with Senate Appropriations Chief of Staff Chuck Kieffer ‘72.

American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies (ACSIS) conference

Religious Studies Professor Tamara Sonn led a semi-annual meeting of ACSIS.  Supported conference logistics and catering.  

South Asia Research Group

Professor Rani Mullen and colleague Dan Markey from the Council on Foreign Relations held a series of four meetings of their South Asia Research Group for DC area scholars.  Supported logistics. 

National Association for Gifted Children

Center for Gifted Education Director Joyce Vantassel-Baska held a series of meetings with NAGC in the Washington Office.

Student Events
W&M Washington Summer Events Program

Careers in Government, Public Policy, and International Affairs
Collaborated with Mary Schilling, Director of the Career Center, to plan and execute the annual "Careers in Government, Public Policy, and International Affairs" dinner for 40 students and 7 alumni panelists.

W&M Washington Summer Events Program - Careers on Capitol HillSEP Capitol Hill

Planned the annual "Careers on Capitol Hill" lunch for 18 students, hosted by Tom Jensen '85 at the UPS Townhouse on Capitol Hill.

Undergraduate Spring Break Service Trip

Twelve students from the College visited Washington to volunteer their services to the community.  Found a series of speakers and spoke to the group about "Academic Opportunities in Washington" and "Networking in Washington."

Pamela Harriman Fellowship

Supported the logistics and catering of the semiannual meeting and reception of the Pamela Harriman Student Fellowship organization

Keio/W&M Cross-Cultural Collaboration

Supported the logistics and catering of the annual Keio visit to Washington DC. Read more about Keio's trip to DC here!

Alumni Events
GMWDC Alumni Chapter Annual Reception

Worked with the Board of the DC Alumni Chapter and the staff of the W&M Alumni Association to plan and support the Chapter's annual reception, with special guest President Taylor Reveley.  More than 175 alums and friends attended. 

GMWDC Alumni Chapter Yule Log CeremonyYule Log

Worked with Alumni Association staff and volunteers from the Chapter to plan and execute the 2nd Annual Yule Log Reception, for 75 Washington area alumni.

The Global Playground Fundraiser "An Evening Under the Stars"

Supported logistics for the group The Global Playground, headed by Doug Bunch '02 and Edward Branagan '03, for their fundraiser in the Washington Office to support school building projects in Uganda and Cambodia.

Youth Achieve

William Smith '04 used the Washington Office to host a meeting of Youth Achieve, a non-profit that provides college scholarship money to disadvantaged young adults in the Washington area.  Supported logistics.