Summer Housing

There is no residency requirement - DC Summer Session students may live wherever they want. 

For those students who would like to live in DC, finding quality summer housing in the city can be a challenging venture — but W&M can help!

Summer Housing at 450K in Gallery Place

Update - There is no housing available in 450K for Summer 2017

For students looking for summer housing, we highly recommend the W&M apartments at 450K in Gallery Place, Washington, DC.  These apartments typically fill up early with DC Summer Institute fellows, but sometimes there is an opening, which any W&M student could fill!  Just contact our Housing Coordinator, Erin Battle, for more information and to see about availability!  

Finding Alternative Housing

If you are taking classes in the DC Center for the summer, you will probably want to live as close as possible to downtown Washington or near a Metro station.  Rent will be higher close to the city, but commutes from areas outside the Capital Beltway can be extremely difficult.  We have compiled a set of resources for other DC area housing solutions.

If you have established housing in the DC area already (perhaps your parents live in the area), you can absolutely live at home and still participate in the DC Summer Session.