Discover what a DC Summer Session can offer you.

Session I: May 30-June 30, 2017
Session II: July 3-August 4, 2017

During the summer there are roughly 1600 undergraduate students who live in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and many others who work at various internships across the region. The DC Summer Session is an opportunity for students on summer break to take the same rigorous courses they can take on campus while exploring the many learning opportunities of Washington, DC.

The selection of courses held at the W&M Washington Center in Dupont Circle and in Northern Virginia are at the same time as the regular campus Summer Session. Classes are typically held in the late afternoons and evenings to accommodate students working or interning during normal business hours. The DC Summer Session has no internship, residential, or alumni mentorship components - it's just classes.

If you're interested in an opportunity offered during the school year, check out the DC Semester Program and DC Winter Seminar. For a more intensive accelerated class experience paired with an internship, the DC Summer Institutes may be for you.

For Current W&M students

If you're spending the summer in the Washington area, DC Summer Session is an excellent opportunity to take the same rigorous courses available on campus while exploring the many learning opportunities of the city. Many of the courses offered are popular GERs which may prove difficult to take during the regular school year.

Unlike courses at other Washington-area universities, our courses automatically count toward your W&M transcript, including COLLs and major/minor requirements, and they cost the same as the regular campus Summer Session courses. These courses offer students an opportunity to take fun, interesting classes from a W&M professor teaching his/her academic specialty. Many of the professors leading DC Summer Session courses incorporate fieldwork, site visits, and guest speakers, using Washington's vibrant urban resources to build on readings and classroom discussion.

For Newly-admitted W&M undergraduates

You can get a head-start on earning college credit, meeting future classmates and professors, and acclimating to university classwork before facing your first full courseload in the fall.

For Highly-motivated Rising High-school Juniors and Seniors

You may challenge yourselves with university-level coursework, potentially earning college credit and increasing your appeal to top-choice universities.

For Visiting Students (from other four-year colleges and universities)

You can earn transfer credit, taking advantage of public university tuition rates at one of the few state universities with courses in the DC area. 

For W&M Alumni

You can connect with favorite former professors, taking courses you missed out on as undergraduates and enhancing transcripts for graduate school admission.