2017 DC Spring Break Seminar Students

Foreign Policy: International Development, Security, and Commerce

with Professor Mike Tierney and AidData Director of Operations David Trichler

Robbie Collie '20
My name is Robert Collie, and I'm and Freshman at the College of William and Mary. I'm from the town of Vienna, Virginia and graduated with International Baccalaureate honors from George C. Marshall High school. In addition to being fluent in Spanish and learning German, I intend to study International relations with an undecided specialized minor. At the College I'm a member of the Sailing team, Christopher Wren singers, and the Coast Guard Auxiliary unit. I'm incredibly enthusiastic at the opportunity to learn more about policy making in both International Security and International Development as I hope to enter either of those fields one day. 
Nicole Cook '18
Nicole Cook is a junior at the College of William and Mary double majoring in International Relations and Chinese Studies. This past summer, she spent 7 weeks in Beijing researching and furthering her Chinese language ability as a participant in a W&M Summer Study Abroad Program. At the College, Nicole works as a research assistant for Teaching Research and International Policy. She is also an active member of Amnesty International, Delta Omicron, and the W&M Symphony Orchestra. Nicole is excited to participate in the inaugural D.C. Spring Break Program and looks forward to learning more about the policy creation process.
Allie Cooper '19
My name is Allie Cooper and I am from Winchester, Virginia. I am currently a sophomore at the College majoring in Government with a Psychology minor. At home, I am a law clerk for a local criminal defense attorney. I am planning to go to law school after graduation with a focus on international law. At William and Mary I work at AidData as a Research Assistant in order to increase the transparency of foreign aid going to developing countries. I am very interested in both development and security/counter terrorism so I am really excited to go to D.C. and learn more about these areas of foreign policy!
Caprielle D'Ulisse '17

Caprielle D'Ulisse is a senior at the College majoring in International Relations. Passionate about Sustainable Development, she hopes to one day manage effective projects for agencies and organizations. She has worked with AidData on the Survey Practice team  in order to track aid effectiveness. On campus, she is active at the College's Office of University Advancement, is a charter member of Phi Mu fraternity, and a dancer on the College's Bhangra team. She loves traveling, attending campus cultural events, and practicing Spanish and Arabic. A native New Yorker, she looks forward to exploring all D.C. has to offer! 

Emmel El-Fiky '19

My name is Emmel El-Fiky and I am currently a sophomore here at the College of William & Mary. I intend to declare a double major in government and music, and I am eager to become more involved in both disciplines. I'm from Leesburg, Virginia, and graduated from Tuscarora High School. In high school, I was involved in 4 honor societies, (National, Music, English, and French,) two of which I held leadership positions in. I was also part of French Club, Film Club, and various freelance student publications. Here at W&M, I am a sister in Nu Kappa Epsilon, the music sorority, a member of the Classical Guitar Ensemble, and I am the features editor for Rocket magazine, the campus's first fashion/art/photography magazine. I am so eager to spend spring break in DC as the inaugural group for this program, and I can't wait to apply what we learn in the most ideal hands-on environment! 

Kalide Endale '18

My name is Kalide Endale, I am a junior at the college of William and Mary. I am majoring in Economics with a minor Mathematics. I am originally from Ethiopia, but I have received most of my education here in Williamsburg, VA.  Last summer I interned at Roanoke College’s innovation challenge where we had the opportunity to work with Entrepreneurs and craft a Business plan for their ideas. On my free time, I love sight-seeing, Skateboarding, and Wrestling. Lastly, I’m thrilled and honored on being selected to the Inaugural DC Spring Seminar because Foreign Policy: International Development, Security, and Commerce offers me the opportunity to explore DC and learn about my potential career options!

Ammon Frederick Harteis '19

Ammon Frederick Harteis is a sophomore at The College of William and Mary majoring in government . He is interested in learning about how the federal government makes foreign policy decisions, weapons of mass destruction, and terrorism. He hopes to pursue a career as a federal civil servant in the foreign or security policy field. In his free time, he likes to read, go for walks in the woods, and work at a local farm to table restaurant. 

Charles Geddes '19

My name is Charles G. Geddes and I was born in Reston, VA.  At the age of three I move to Latin America with my family; living in Peru, Paraguay, and Guatemala before returning to the U.S. when I was 13.  I am fluent in both English and Spanish and can speak a bit of Modern Standard Arabic. I am currently pursuing a major in International Relations and a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. I am currently in the process of becoming an officer in the United States Marine Corps and plan to commission upon graduation.  In the future, I hope to pursue a career in counterterrorism and security.

Mitch Hall '17
Katie Herthel '20
Katie Herthel is a freshman at William and Mary double-majoring in International Relations and Public Health. After living overseas for six years in Singapore and Belgium, she developed an interest in international affairs and has specific interests in biosecurity and its implications on foreign policy. On campus, Katie participates in the Sharpe Community Scholars Program, an honors program focused on community-based research, analysis, and engagement. She also holds a leadership position within William and Mary’s International Relations Club and is an active member of William and Mary’s Women’s Chorus. She is ecstatic to have been selected to serve as a US Department of State Intern at the United States Mission to NATO in Brussels, Belgium this summer.
John Hollander '18

My name is John Hollander, and I’m a junior at William and Mary majoring in International Relations and perennially considering a Theatre minor. I originally hail from Paso Robles, California. I am on the executive board as the chair of Administrative Advocacy for the RHA (Residence Hall Association) and am also a member of the HOPE (Health Outreach Peer Educators) organization’s Sexual Health branch. This past summer, I studied Central European politics and history for five weeks while living in the Czech Republic as a part of W&M’s Prague Area Studies summer program. This coming summer, I hope to intern with the State Department at either the Embassy in Mexico City or the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor in DC. I’m incredibly excited for this window into the political workings of our nation’s capital, and hope to learn in what business or organization I can best aid others  and feel most fulfilled while I’m there.

Adam Kearney '20

Adam Kearney is a freshman hailing from Fredericksburg, Virginia. He plans to major in International Relations with a minor in Economics.  Adam has a love for politics and current events, and hopes to pursue a career in shaping national defense policy in Washington, or in diplomacy through the State Department. He is proficient in Spanish and will begin studying Arabic next semester at the college. Outside of his studies, Adam enjoys playing saxophone, is an active member of RUF, and is chairman of the newly founded chapter of Young Americans for Freedom at the college.

Xiaoshu Lin '20

Xiaoshu Lin is now a freshman planning to major in International Relations. Originally from China, she keeps horning her English and Spanish skills here. She loves travelling and wants to smoothly communicate with people across the globe with the three most spoken languages. She has already vowed to herself that she will take one class in each branch under Department of Modern Language and Literature in this amazing college. Reading, music and arts are also indispensable parts of her life. Xiaoshu is very excited about the seminar and very grateful for her life now. At the same time, she also constantly reminds herself not to forget those less privileged. This idea has driven her to continuously volunteer locally and internationally since middle school.

Stacy Martinez MPP '17

Stacy Martinez is a second-year graduate student in the Master of Public Policy Program.  Prior to attending William and Mary she was an Operations Officer and Naval Aviator in the United States Marine Corps where she served a total of 22 years.  She is interested in foreign diplomacy strategy and fiscal policy surrounding international development.

Gota Mitamura '19
Gota Mitamura is an exchange student from Keio University in Japan, majoring government. This is the last semester for him, and he decided to challenge as many things as possible, which drove him to join this program. He is really looking forward to everything in DC, and hoping to bring new perspectives as an international student.
Bayley Murray '20

Bayley is a freshman at William and Mary planning to major in Government and International Relations. He was born in Missouri, but grew up in Europe. He lived in both Hungary and France. He speaks French, English, and is in the process of learning Chinese. Bayley is on the William and Mary debate team and he enjoys playing basketball when he is not competing or studying. He is very excited to have the opportunity to participate in this Program and to learn about how America Foreign Policy is being created and implemented. 

Johnnie Owens '17

I am a Senior at the College of William and Mary from Hampton, VA pursuing a major in Business Analytics with a concentration in Marketing. I am looking forward to learning how policy is made and implemented in Washington DC, while also having the opportunity to explore the city! On campus, I am the event assistant at the Center for Student Diversity and I am also a barista at Starbucks. This past summer, I interned for Here for the Girls, a non-profit organization that provides support and education to young women with breast cancer. In my free time, I enjoy watching Netflix and Hulu, eating chinese food and sleeping! I am very excited to study in DC for my final spring break here at the College.

Ranjani Parthasarathy '18
Ranjani Parthasarathy is a second-year student at the College, double-majoring in Biology and International Relations. On campus, she holds a leadership position within the International Relations Club as well as serving as the Historian of the Undergraduate Honor Council and the Secretary of Pi Sigma Alpha. Ranjani is also a member of club rowing. She is deeply involved in the Indian cultural community as a professional Carnatic violinist and a classical dancer.  Ranjani is excited to gain a wider understanding of international relations from the development perspective, and looks forward to learning about non-traditional facets of trade negotiations!
Bailey Salerno '19
Bailey is a sophomore majoring in International Relations and Hispanic Studies. She is from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is fluent in Spanish. She is also currently in her second year of Arabic at the college. Bailey is passionate about languages and other cultures and will be studying abroad as a junior in Ecuador or Peru. On campus, she is involved with her a cappella group, sorority, and the WM running club.
Will Sheahan '17

William is a senior, biology major at William and Mary. On campus, he is an intramural supervisor at campus recreation, a senior research assistant attached to AidData's Policy Team, and he has served as the President of the men's club soccer team. He plans to pursue advanced degrees in Global Health and International Development.

Xiangwen (Susan) Sun '19
Xiangwen Sun is a sophomore in William & Mary double majoring in International Relations and Sociology. Her main interest is globalization and international development. She participates in Sharpe Community Scholars program, conducting a research on the effects of Globalization on migrant workers in Southern China. During the summer of 2016, she went to work in a factory in Panyu, China, to observe and experience the life of migrant workers. Besides southern China, Sun also went to various other places to observe international development. During the summer of 2014, She traveled to Rongko High School in Cambodia teaching classes in STEM and studying international aid in Cambodia with a Julie Davis Butler Award from San Domenico High School. Sun is also a research assistant for Dr. Cleveland in W&M. She helps the professor to investigate the role of International Organizations in setting standards through examining UN Security Council meeting records. Original from Northeastern China, Sun is proficient in Chinese and English and fluent in Spanish. She has also began learning Japanese since last summer. Sun loves traveling to different countries, understanding their culture and examining the impact of globalization. In school, Sun is an active member, participating regularly in fencing team and karate. She likes to play chess on her free time, sharpening her skills on making strategies and balancing power. Sun is very excited to have this opportunity to study US Foreign Policy on international development and commerce in DC in this coming Spring Break. 
Rishya Suresh '19

My name is Rishya Suresh and I am a sophomore at the College of William and Mary, majoring in Economics and Applied Mathematics. I am an international student who was born in Chennai, India, but grew up in Dubai, UAE. On campus, I am involved with AidData, Afsana, South Asian Student Association, Bangladesh Relief Initiative for Change, Hindu Sikh Jain Student Association, and several other organizations. My hobbies include trekking in the outdoors, making puns, and binge-watching The Office. I hope to pursue a career in international development in the future, specifically the International Monetary Fund.

Kayla Temple '20
Kayla Temple is from Richmond, Virginia, and is a freshman planning on majoring in International Relations and Public Policy. Kayla has a strong love for languages, and is proficient in French with varying levels of study in Spanish, German, and Arabic. She hopes to work in international development, non-profit aid work, and potentially education reform advocacy. On campus, Kayla is an active member in Virginia21, WCWM Radio, The Meridian Coffee House, and the Delta Gamma sorority. In her spare time, she enjoys socializing, running, and playing music.
Sami Tewolde '19

My name is Sami Tewolde, and I am currently a sophomore at the college. I am from Fairfax, Virginia, but spend a lot of time in DC when I can. I plan to declare Government and Psychology as my two majors at the end of this year. While I am not planning to focus my curriculum in international relations, I have always been interested in foreign policy. I hope to go on to Georgetown law school after graduating from William and Mary.  I am really excited to go on site visits and learn more about international relations in the spring!