Planning & Scheduling

Obligations to your Home Department

When teaching a course for the DC Spring Break Seminar, you are technically teaching a three credit course in the SPRING semester.  Your home department will be paid a set amount per each student who enrolls in your course, and you will be paid beyond your typical College salary for teaching it.  Please continue to work with your chair to ensure you meet all the necessary departmental obligations as your number one priority.

DC Winter Seminars Planning Timeline
June 1 Seminar courses confirmed for the following March
Mid-September Advertising begins
October 1 Student applications open
Early October Campus Information Session for interested students
November 1 Applications close
mid-November Student offers extended
December 15 Student Deposits Due, class confirmed and registered
February 1 1/2 Discussion Session on campus
February 15 2/2 Discussion Session on campus
March 4 Move-in, Orientation, and First class session in DC, Welcome event in evening
March 5 - 10 Classes 9:00am - 5:00pm
March 11 Final class session, Closing Luncheon, and afternoon Move-out
TBD Final discussion session back on campus