Study in DC Opportunities for Alumni and Families

Students enrolled in W&M Study in DC opportunities benefit immensely from connections with DC-area alumni and families through internship leads, class speaking opportunities, site visit contacts, and more.  Here are ways alumni and families can engage:
Become a Mentor

The Study in DC Mentorship Program matches up students (both during the semester and summer) with DC-area alumni/families who are willing to talk to mentees about their experiences in DC, their careers goals, and the opportunities available during this stage of their professional development. The mentor’s commitment is: meet with a mentee at least three times throughout the course of the semester/summer (one of these meetings is the Mentorship Dinner where we honor our mentors).

Hire a Student Intern (or connect us with someone who will)

The W&M DC Semester Program and DC Summer Institutes combine an intensive classroom experience with hands-on work at one of DC’s many public, private, and non-profit institutions.  Employers enjoy the benefit of hiring nearly full time, hard-working, high-achieving students with DC-based administrators serving as contacts throughout the internship.

comeyspring.jpgSpeak with/Host a Class (or connect us with someone who will)

What makes Studying in DC so special is that students get the experience of engaging with outside speakers in our office and offsite. We create an unmatched learning environment when students hear from experts, executives, elected officials, and policy makers in their areas of expertise, especially while guided by a W&M faculty member in DC.

Donate to the W&M Washington Intern Fund

Graduating with internship experience is now essential as students face tough competition for employment.  An internship, especially one in the DC-area, exposes W&M students to the dynamic governmental, business, cultural, and non-profit, and social institutions of the region, helps integrate them into DC’s vibrant W&M alumni network, and allows them to begin building their career paths in the “real world.” 

Every dollar you donate to the Intern Fund goes directly to W&M students who cannot afford to work at unpaid or low paid internships.  

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Stay in Touch!  

The W&M Washington Center staff love to get updates from Study in DC program alumni!