About the Washington Center

The Center has five primary missions:
  1. Support the academic mission of the College by enabling student interaction with policymakers and practitioners
  2. Support faculty and staff initiatives and facilitate access to resources in the Nation's Capital
  3. Reach out to area alumni and support alumni organizations and events
  4. Aid in student recruitment efforts to bring the College to the attention of diverse applicants
  5. Assist development initiatives to help the College respond to unmet needs

Center Diversity Statement

The creation of opportunities for all members of the William & Mary Tribe is a guiding principle of the Washington Center, driven by our own conscience and our responsibility as employees of the College of William & Mary and the Commonwealth of Virginia.  We strive to foster diversity within our community of students, staff, faculty, and alumni, as well as create an open and affirming environment that is welcoming to people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and orientations. We are committed to crafting the Washington Center into a space that is safe and enriching as a home away from home for the diverse community which we support.