Accepted Word Styles

Say this ... not that.

The following are acceptable:
  • William & Mary
  • College of William & Mary
  • College of William and Mary (& preferred)
  • the university
  • the College
  • W&M
The following are not used:
  • WM
  • William and Mary
This format is used for referencing class years:
  • Jon Stewart '83
The serial comma is not used unless it is preceded by a compound construct, or clarity demands it.
  • Example: red, white and blue
  • Example: pastrami, peanut butter and jelly, and turkey
The following are italicized:
  • book titles
  • journal names
  • titles of movies
  • titles of television shows
Other accepted word styles:
  • The word state can be used when referring to Virginia (even though Virginia is a commonwealth).
  • The words website, webpage and homepage are each one word, no capital (unless they are the first word in a sentence).