Page with Video Player play your .flv files

Note: If your video is stored in YouTube (the preferred method) go to the Embedding YouTube Videos help page instead.

To create a page with a small built-in video player, you'll need the asset factory "Folder with Media Support," a .flv file and web-accessible storage for your .flv file.

Here's the process
  1. The .flv file must be accessible by a URL. Many use our media drive for storage. For additional options, contact your Cascade Manager.  The embedded player is 400 x 240.  Although the player will force your video to fit inside, for best results your video should be near this size and aspect ratio. Standard resolution of 320 x 240 is also acceptable.
  2. Browse to where you want to add your new page in Cascade and create a "Folder with Media Support." (if this asset is not currently available, contact your Cascade Manager). Enter a system name (all lowercase, no spaces). Enter the Display Name (proper upper/lowercase) - this will be displayed in your site's menus and breadcrumbs.
  3. You will see that a folder is created with three files in it: "index", "images" and "movies.swf". Do not edit the "images" file or "movies.swf" file—these are required and pre-configured for you.
  4. Edit the "index" file, set the parent and sibling checkboxes (these only adjust the left menu on this page), and enter your normal text content. 
    • Do not copy and paste directly from another source (Word, email, webpage). First copy from the source, then in Cascade click the Paste as Plain Text button before you paste.  You can also clean up your text by first pasting it into a text editor such as Textpad or Notepad.
  5. While in edit mode, click the "Metadata" sub-tab. Enter the full URL of your stored media file in the Media Asset field (be sure to include the "http://"). Choose whether you want your video to be left-aligned or right-aligned. Remember, as with every "Folder With..." asset factory, don't change the system name of the "index" file!
  6. Submit. Note that you cannot preview the working video within Cascade. You will, however, see the empty space where the video will live. 
  7. Publish your site.

This embedded video player only works with the standard page type (with shorter banner photos). It will not work on the primary page type (with taller banner photos).