News/Feature Thumbnails

News stories and features use square thumbnails

Most news stories and features employ photosets to display related photography.  But news stories and features also require square thumbnails for listing pages (Here's an example).

Step One: Create and upload a thumbnail
  1. The thumbnail must be 100x100 pixels and must be a .jpg (not .jpeg, .JPG, .png, etc.).  You may need to crop the photo to achieve this size.
  2. In Cascade, navigate to the appropriate images folder.  Select "New>>Image" and upload the desired image. * Be sure that you enter a System Name for your new image ending in .jpg, such as tomjefferson.jpg
Step Two: Link the thumbnail photo to the news story or feature page
  1. Edit the news story or feature page
  2. Under the "Thumbnail" sub-heading, click the "[ ]" and select the 100x100px thumbnail you just uploaded to Cascade.
  3. Submit your changes
Thumbail Example