External Image Editors

Edit and resize your images before uploading to Cascade.

PicMonkey - Free & Online

PicMonkey is one of several free online photo editors we use. No download required. Upload an image from your computer, edit and save your image.

Pixlr - Free & Online

A team favorite, Pixlr is another free, online image editor. No download required. Just upload, edit and save. They offer a more in-depth tool as well as an Express version.

Photoshop Express - Free & Online

Photoshop Express Editor is another simple, free online image editor. No download required - just upload an image, make your edits and save back to your computer.

Google+ - Free & Online

If you're a Google+ user, they have a pretty good built in image editor (formerly Picnik). Just create an album not to be shared in your circles, and use it to upload and edit your images.

Adobe Photoshop Elements - Low Cost Download

Adobe's Photoshop is top of the line software. Photoshop Elements is their scaled down version, and can easily handle the needs of most Cascade users. In fact, for many, it's more than you'll need. But, if you'd prefer to purchase software for editing your photos, IT offers Photoshop Elements for Windows at a significantly reduced price - about $40 for college-owned computers.
(No software warranty implied.)

Gimp - Free Download

Gimp is an open-source, free software package that you can download to your PC, Mac or Linux computer. This is more robust (aka, complicated) than many of the free online image editors, and is similar to Photoshop. Did we mention free?
(No software warranty implied.)

IrfanView - Free Download

Some of your fellow Cascaders (and Cascade managers) love IrfanView, another freeware package. While it does require a download, it is considered a simpler and easier to use program—great for beginners and advanced users alike.
(No software warranty implied.)

Picasa - Free Download

A favorite of some, Picasa (by Google) is free and simple, but does require a download. Once installed it will direct you to organize, edit and share your photos.
(No software warranty implied.)