William and Mary

Built-in Image Editor

Please note: This does not mean that you can upload your high resolution images into Cascade and start the editing process there. Check out one of our recommended image editors for initial edits. To help keep our shared database “sprite” and allow us to continue to maintain up to 20 versions of every file in version history, we still discourage uploading very large files of any type.

Need to tweak one of your images? Use Cascade's built-in editor. Select Edit on any of the following file types

.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif

Cascade's Native Image Editing Tool… and you are presented with a typical image editor inside the page. This editor handles resizing and cropping easily and efficiently. Hover over any of the editor buttons for a button description.

To Resize

Adjust the width and height values then click the resize button

To Crop

Drag a square in the image then click the crop selection button

Other Transformations

You can also flip your image vertically and horizontally or rotate clockwise and counterclockwise with a single button click. And of you don’t like what you just did, there is an undo button. Or you can choose to not submit the change(s) (remember as with any edit, you have to click Submit at the bottom of the page to save the edit).