Content Images

Those sprinkled throughout the center column of your site.

Step One: Upload images to Cascade
  1. Use a supported file type: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif (further file type restrictions exist on News/Feature and Directory thumbnails)
  2. Remove any spaces or upper case letters in your file name (this will become the System Name and URL for the uploaded image)
  3. Navigate to the folder where you store images
  4. Select New > Image
  5. Enter descriptive text in the Display Name and Title fields
  6. Browse and select, or drag and drop the image you wish to upload
  7. Submit.
Step Two: Add images to a page
  1. Edit the webpage where you want the image to appear. Place your cursor where the image should be inserted.
  2. Click Insert/edit image (Insert/edit image button) on the tool bar
  3. Use the file choosers to select the image in Cascade
  4. Enter the Alternate Text and click Insert
Step Three: Align/caption the image
  1. If you'd like text to wrap around an image, select the image and choose photoleft or photoright from the Styles menu
  2. If you wish to caption your image, select the image and choose leftwithcaption or rightwithcaption from the Styles menu. The caption will come from the Alternate text field you previously entered.
  3. Image captions don't always preview correctly in Cascade - publish the page to see your caption.
Content Image (with caption)